Nicole Marie Grimm

Pursue your fullest potential on your own terms &

 build a better life

HOW I roll…

Clean up the Clutter

Simplify, clarify & put things in their place so I can get to the roots & focus on the important stuff.

Challenge the Expectations

What limits?  I ask why & make it work.  With faith and persistence, the impossible disappears.

Focus on the Big Picture

Build one day at a time towards the bigger goal.  Play the long game, learning from mistakes along the way.  

Make Others Feel Safe

Building genuine connections through building trust, a sense of home & seeking to understand.


Everything Nicole does is designed to promote what’s possible in others.  She is obsessed with exploring what’s possible when people & organizations build on a solid foundation of values & passion.  She envisions a world in which our life and work are in a natural balance, where work-life-balance is a thing of the past.  

Nicole believes that what we put into our life is too important to do it without purpose.  Life is truly lived when desire & passion is a driving force in what we do.  In an increasingly technical & automated world, Nicole works with leaders & orgnaizations to make greater impacts with the people that drive it.  She founded Pure Purpose with a pure desire to help build a world where we realize our full potential, feel empowered to do whats right & contribute our best to a greater purpose.  Nicole wakes up every morning to inspire people to own their full potential.

Over the years, Nicole developed a facination with the people & places that sucessfully balance the needs of people with process & technology.  Inspired by the possibilities to provide true value to others, Nicole armed herself with a Business Administration, Management Information Systems degree & an expert certification in FitSM.   Through a painful experience of loosing the passion she once held for her work, she focused her energy into understanding & finding what it really meant to work with passion & purpose.  Described as a natural leader, Nicole is dedicated to sharing what she has learned on her path & obsessed with learning from the experience of other sucessful leaders in life and business. 

Nicole has experienced transformational lessons in the importance of a supportive work environment that promotes a balanced approach to life.  She is dedicated to providing the people with the tools to unlock their pure potential & inpiring them to unlock the possibility to work with purpose.

“The opportunity to use my passion to make a profound impact is the purpose of my journey”

Nicole Marie Grimm

Founder, Pure Purpose, LLC

A Quick Look

BS in Business Administration

Concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS)

FitSM Expert Certified

The first FitSM Service Management Expert in the United States!

True Toastmaster

The power of community & drive to improve.  I’m the proud Smooth Talkers Club President.

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