FitSM Foundation Level

FitSM Foundation Training

This is the place to meet ITSM.  This one-day training is ideal for introducing ITSM to a team or for someone that’s providing IT Services.  It also provides the basis for Advanced Levels training.

Get to know the essential basics of IT Service Management & the FitSM Standards Family.  You’ll also meet the FitSM cousins, ISO 20000-1, ITIL and others.  Don’t worry, this is more fun than your family reunion!

Our trainers will guide you through the family dynamics and nature of FitSM, being sure to point out possible sources of challenge and real-life benefits to the family.


None, you don’t need any prior knowledge to start!


This course introduces the foundations of FitSM & covers the essential aspects of IT Service Management.  Learn the most important terms & concepts, as well as the purpose & structure of the individual FitSM standards.  It also covers FitSM’s family relationship with other standards and frameworks (the cousins). 

At the end of the 1 day training an optional foundation examination may administrated.

FitSM Foundation topics include:
  • Basic IT Service Management: Introduction, Terms & Concepts
  • FitSM standards family:  Purpose & Structure
  • The requirements from FitSM-1
  • IT Service Management – General Aspects and Processes (based on FitSM-0)
  • Benefits, Risks & Challenges in Implementing IT Service Management
  • Related standards & frameworks (the cousins)

Exam & certification

To receive a FitSM Foundation Certificate, the FitSM Foundation exam must be passed.

  • 30 minutes, directly following the training
  • Closed book (no aids allowed)
  • 20 multiple choice questions
  • At least 65% correct answers (13 of 20) required to pass examination