FitSM Training & Certification Services

IT service management (ITSM) made simple!  FitSM is a new & free standards family for lean IT service management.  You can keeps things simple & implement effective changes now!

FitSM is the pragmatic, clear and accessible standard aimed at quick, effective ITSM implementations.  It’s especially helpful to federated environments.

ITSM starts with FitSM!

We offer Foundation, Advanced and Expert Trainings. Contact us to get started today…

  • FitSM Foundation Training (1 day)  –  This one-day basic training provides ITSM overview, FitSM requirements & the basis for Advanced Level trainings.
  • FitSM Advanced Training (4 days)  –  2 courses are offered covering process and requirements regarding:
    ·       Two-day training covering Service Operation & Control (SOC)
    ·       Two-day training covering Service Planning & Delivery (SPD)
  • FitSM Expert (2 days)  –  Following both advanced level courses (SPD & SOC), further context of the standard are covered including planning & implementation, the importance of leadership, governance and auditing.
  • ITSM Expert Bridge (2 days)  –  For special audiences / people who are already “ITSM professionals”, side entry options are available to go through FitSM qualification quicker and achieve FitSM certification with less effort.