Path to Purpose

Great Power Lies in us ALL.

What makes awsome places & people achieve greatness, consistently?  

Everything starts with pure desire do what they love. 


A labor of love


Do the right thing


Live up to your true self


Build lasting connections

Build on Purpose & Find Fulfillment in Life

Purpose is the center in all areas of your life.  As an entreprenuer, employee, manager, or leader at home or work your purpose serves you .  Those that start with a desire to fulfull their purpose grow & achieve more.  You can too!



Live life on Purpose, follow your own path and connect with your calling in all that you do.  Stop living life by accident.

My Tribe

Create a movement & expand your purpose.  Harmony of purpose creates connected masterminds that realize new heights.

My Organization

Live life on Purpose, follow your own path and connect with your calling in all that you do.  Stop living life by accident.

We live for this!

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by Pure Purpose | Path to Purpose

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I have been trying to figure out my Why for a very long time but wasn’t quite able to arrive at a definitive concept that would hold true time and again, day in and day out, and in everything I do. Finally, my quest for my why completed when I started working with Nicole.

Nicole is very personable, but what’s more, she is as determined to get to the bottom of your true self or your business true identity and discover your why...The end result was that I got a vision statement I am so proud of because it lines up completely with what I want my business to stand for.

Biljana Bia

Owner, Life Coordinated

Purpose Lives in Everything You Do 

The journey begins with knowing your Purpose.  What you say + What you Do = Life on Purpose. 

Test It

Validate your why with those closest to you.  Friendship is reflective

Share It

Asked: What do you do? Start with your Purpose, Beliefe or WHY.

Live It

Live with WHY you do it.  Attract a thriving abundant life & work.

Commit to your Cause 

Live on Purpose with Purpose.  Keep your Why alive by living it every day.



Keep it front and center, alive and kicking.  Don’t let it fizzle.



Start everything you do, say or want in harmony with your Purpose.  


Adjust slowly as you know yourself more.  Fliter all you do through your purpose balance.

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